Friday, June 13, 2008

All That Way?

A man from Escobar came to buy a pig from Norma the other day. Vonni and Greg, my Guarani students, were at Norma's house so the man asked where they were from. Norma replied that they had come from Africa.

"Eh!" He replied, "and what did they come here for?"

"Well, I'm not exactly sure I could explain it all to you," said Norma, "but I think they've come to tell people that Jesus lives."

"Eh!" Said the man again, "they've come all the way from Africa for that? I've been baptized and I don't even talk about Jesus to the man who lives next door to me! I'm ashamed."


casadaga1 said...

In Paraguay, I was more interested in speaking Spanish...I did not realize that it would be possible to learn the language in an informal setting..
I did learn, though, if one to speak to the heart, it has to be in the native language...

Andy Bowen said...

Thanks, casadaga1, for your comment. Sorry you had trouble with blogger and felt it necessary to leave your second comment which, I hardly need add, did not get published. Just remember that behind every website there are actual people and the kind of language you used is probably not the way you want these actual people to perceive you.