Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Family in Haiti

My sister and brother-in-law, Ruth and Steve Hersey, are missionaries serving at Quisqueya Christian School in Haiti. I've been trying to call them ever since I heard about the powerful earthquake last evening, but haven't been able to get through yet.

Today Steve was able to get to a computer briefly and sent the following update:

Quick message while I have email at a guest house.  Most communication
is down.  Little phone contact.  No internet at school or home.

This is terrible.  Spent last night outside on soccer field with
family.  We are OK.  House is structurally OK, but a mess.  School
will be closed indefinitely.

Dead bodies everywhere.  I've contacted all but 6 teachers.  Several
good friends are missing.  Many big buildings collapsed. Hopefully
we'll get communications back soon.

Many teachers involved in search and rescue.

We are OK, but please keep us in your prayers.
They will be dealing with an overwhelming amount of need over the next few weeks. They already live in a hugely needy place, and now the little that many people have has been taken from them.

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Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

we immediately thought of your sister when we heard the news! we're praying!