Friday, January 15, 2010

Good News in the Midst of Bad

Good news this evening from the Delmas neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. The medical team that the Quisqueya Christian School campus had prepared for has arrived. They have gotten to work treating some of the very needy injured.

My sister, Ruth Hersey, posted on Facebook: "saw the first team right after they arrived at school this evening - doctors, etc. The campus had such a peaceful feeling - orphanage kids, staff on the field, team arriving full of purpose. Praise God!"

Her husband Steve was upbeat tonight about the progress being made--streets being cleared, some beginning the long process of putting their lives back together. After three days of overwhelming sadness and loss, there's a glimmer.

What a wonderful thing to have a sense of task and mission, something useful and meaningful to do in the middle of a mess of suffering. Something that really makes a difference in the suffering.

Ruth's Facebook quotes a Rich Mullins song: 
But for now we live on these streets
Forbidding and tough
Where push always comes to shove
And it's said love's never enough
Where a prophet in rags gives hope to a fearful world
Jesus, bless those who hold out hope in Haiti tonight.

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